Friday, March 16, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 9

Day 9.
The realization of how much work will be left to do after they are done sets in.
Grass and weeds to be killed.
Grass and weeds to be grown.
Flowers to plant.
Edging that will need to be replaced.
Fences and gates fixed..
You don't want to see the whole list.
Come to think of it, neither do I.

The rest of the forms were set in place and all the rebar completed.
It looks like we are hosting a boy scouts camping trip for mice.
To those of you who have never seen the guts of concrete, these little tents support the rebar and keep it off the ground.
They charged us $25 a tent so we told them to double up.
We're loaded.

(note to the gullible: that was a joke)

I spent an hour or so sweeping the patio that evening.
They were so kind to clean up the pile I made.
I hope I don't get billed for that...

Looks like concrete tiiimmmmeee!
I have to say that I don't think I'll be sad to see this adventure end.
Having 1-15 men in my backyard every day puts a kink in my daily routines.
I have no routines.
(except for iced coffee. Yup, evvvvery day!)
Been taking more walks just to let myself and the boys out for a while.
When we're kenneled too long we start to bite and devour each other.
Fresh air is good.
We can let our tongues hang out and our tails wag.

Until Day 10....
(by the way, today was day 10. Will share tomorrow)


Lana M. said...

I think it's looking spectac!

Helen said...

Wow! You should be charging for sneak peeks here... that should make up for some of the costs. That is just way too much for those little tents. It looks like a battlefield. On the positive end, you don't look like there will be much mowing back there.

Kennedy Wife said...

It's looking quite nice, really. I'm excited to see the end result, and I bet you're having a good time planning what the end might look like. Happy weekend!

NanaDiana said...

Just blog bopping around and I found you. I am your newest follower...I can see you have an off-beat sense of humor so I think I will be visiting often. I like that you start biting each other after being cooped up too long. When my kids were little and acting up (not that they EVER did that, of course) I told them that now I knew why some mothers ate their young. No one but me thought that was funny...such is life- Hugs- Diana