Monday, September 8, 2014

Where I am

I've had a few ask where I've gone... Some of you may not have noticed that I've been gone;-) That's okay.
I had a miscarriage a year ago that affected me far deeper than I thought it ever would. I got to see it's sweet little heart beating at 7 weeks and then went back at 9 weeks only to find out it had died shortly after my previous appointment. It took 5 weeks in all for my body to finally let go of it from the time it died and the emotional roller coaster I felt as I lost it was not easy.
I am a Christian. And when I say I'm a Christian then I mean I have asked The Lord into my heart, to save me from my sins and to help me walk with Him every day that I live. Because of that then I believe that I have my fourth son or daughter living in heaven now. Jesus was the first face my little one ever saw! One day I will meet our baby in heaven. What an amazing thought, though it breaks my heart that I never got to meet him or her here on earth.
I am so thankful for the comfort that The Lord gives!

I got pregnant again in late October and we welcomed our 4th son (6th baby. I had another miscarriage in 2010) into the world on July 28th, 2014.
I am realizing how quickly time is going by. How short our time is to raise these boys and show them what it means to love The Lord with all their heart, soul and mind.
 So I stopped. I stopped blogging, I stopped painting, I stopped doing all these things that were taking time away from my boys.
 I'm not saying it's forever. But right now this is where The Lord wants me. 
Holding my children, loving my children and hopefully someday when they are grown and moving on then I will be able to look back and know that even though we didn't do everything perfect, we did the best that we could.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oh Say Can You See?

I took on some big sign orders this year.
Time consuming-stretch of my "talents" signs.
I enjoyed the challenge but found myself very ready for them to be over.

I painted these for the sweetest, most patient women ever.
Both of these signs were HUGE!
The American Flag one was based off of this one that she had seen and loved but wanted painted by an artist.
Artist. Ha.
The Cycle Shop sign was a copy of one I had done for myself (then sold) a few years back.
It was customized with their family name to make is personal.

We did some big projects over the summer that I look forward to showing you soon!


Monday, August 19, 2013

A Giveaway From Carolyn Jewels!

I love etsy.
You never know what you'll come across.
Or who will come across you.
A friend from my old home town contacted me a few months back about doing a giveaway.
"Yes" I said.
But summer was underway with a million things going on.
No time to even blog!
School time is here now, and things are winding down.

Time for a giveaway!
As the header states, our lovely bib necklace comes from Carolyn Jewels.

One lucky winner will be receive this necklace, valued at $25~
Plus, if you like what you see in her shop right now then take advantage of a limited time coupon.
Enter SUMMER2013 at checkout to get $5 off your order of $23 or more.
If that's not great enough then she also offers FREE SHIPPING every day!

Carolyn Jewels has many more adorable items for you to check out.
Like the colorful rosette bracelet above.

Or these bright pops of color for your hair!

Be sure to stop by her shop and see the other items she has to offer!

Giveaway Rules:
1. Leave a comment and let me know that you stepped into her shop for a peak around!
2. Tweet it, Facebook it share it or on your blog - then come back and leave me another comment for an extra chance at winning!

Giveaway open to USA residents only.
Ends Monday, August 26th at 12AM Central Time

Good Luck!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That Beachy Feeling {a new sign} & a Story

My mom is an auction guru.
She picks up some pretty cool stuff now and again.
Whenever I make it to Virginia then I have a blast picking through some of the loot.
(She does sell some of it on her own etsy store here)
One such time I was wondering through the forest beside their house,
(being careful to leave a breadcrumb trail for myself).
when I stumbled upon an old broken table.
I took the top to it and turned it into this lovely sign.

The legs and body of the table I sadly had to leave there.
My mom happens to be a kind and thoughtful lady though and before I know it, a broken down table arrives on my doorstep.

I had plans for it.
I truly did.
My plans got delayed and waylaid until I had no plans at all.
I sadly dismantled the poor, forlorn table and started to haul it to the trash...

But the beautiful old wood called my name and I could not bear to leave any of it behind.
Some of its sturdy legs are now working as a trellis for my soon to be dead cucumber plants. 
(How was I to know the trees would leaf out so much that there would be no sunshine for the poor things?)

Some scraps of it still await my imagination.
Some have come to fruition.
I happen to love them.
But the call of the brokendoorslableakdentalworkandmore call me to sell.
Plus, that's why I painted them anyway.
For you.
 I have two, both different sizes. 
You can find them in my etsy store.
The table is happy again.
I am happy for the table.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summerwood Photography

Beware, this post is picture heavy!
A few months back I had the pleasure of adding a new sponsor to my blog.
Please welcome Summerwood Photography.

31 Virginia

I had sadly neglected having had any professional photos done of our 3 boys.
So I was more than thrilled to have Ryan and Alisha do their pictures.
Ryan and Alisha are a husband and wife team and they work so well together.
I was beyond impressed with how quickly and efficiently they got the shoot done.
Of course it helped that they're our friends and our boys love them;-)

They took so many wonderful pictures that it has been hard to choose our favorites.
I love how they really captured the boys personalities!
I did pick some of the more goofy ones to show, but they are actually some of my favorite.
Be sure to stop by their site and see some more of the wonderful shots they've taken.
They do an excellent job of taking wedding photos as well as normal portraits.
Thanks you all for capturing some precious moments that we can hold on to!

31 Virginia