Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 10

Are we there YET??!!
You ever hear that question?
Shoot, I remember asking that question.

These days I often wonder how in heavens name my mom did not burrow under the mountain of laundry we kept handy and hide out so that she didn't lose her mind.
I asked her that very question the other day.
Still no answer.

So pertaining to the pool..
YES, we are almost there!
Our contractor said that they hope to finish this week.

Now come on kids!
That wasn't so bad now was it?

Ever watch Anne of Green Gables? She had "Katie" her window friend. That's Beau standing on top of the car talking to "Nathan his fence friend".

So (LOTS OF) concrete all hard and ready for walking.
On a side note: we had more square feet of concrete poured than the complete square feet of our last home.
I say..
That's plumb crazy!

So moving on.
I am pretty much a people pleaser.
I hate to make waves.
Don't like to make people upset.
I am starting to make an exception though.
The mesh fence we had installed a few years ago has been a lifesaver.
The folks (shall I name them?) that put it in assured us that they would reinstall it for free when we asked about that 2 years ago.
(knowing that we would someday need to have our pool redone)
They just gave me a quote of over $600 to reinstall it.
This makes me sad.
This also makes me slightly mad.
Trying to work on that mad part.
Our kids safety is very important to us, so we will have the fence reinstalled.
Umm, not sure when.
Probably when I stop being mad.
Yeah, let's go with that answer.

French drains all sloping for a good bucket catch system.
(just made that up)

When I got rich one time I said this:
"I would like to have an all stone Decking!"
Then I got poor and I said this:
"Umm, perhaps I will have a salt finish concrete Decking!"
(I yell out the word "Decking" just to sound important)
Salt finished concrete goes like this...
Ya pour the concrete.
It starts to dry.
Ya sprinkle large kernel size salt on it.

I am thankful for my salt finished concrete.
Now I can just throw a ham hock out there and smear it around.
It comes back perfectly salted.

Anyone want to take a dip?


Lana M. said...

This post made me chuckle! Especially the ham hock part.

Pine Tree Home said...

Too funny, salt it up. Your pool decking is transforming the space. Looking forward to seeing crystal blue waters.

Helen said...

OK, stupid question, do you have a contract from the first raising of the fence? One time we had a well dug and they 'guaranteed' a certain number a gallons per minute. When that didn't happen, they said, oh, and the next well will be such and such. We looked at the old contract and there it was in black and white. When we said, um, how about this, they dug the second without a question. We still had to pay for a few supplies, but look and see, push a little bit and see what happens.

Melissa said...

I'm with Helen, push a bit, and keep going up the chain, speak the manager, then his boss, and so on till you get what you want, or an extremely solid no, which ever. It is always worth a try. We had something similar happen with our granite counter top and after several phone conversations, as well as the reminder that hubby had sent 10 customers to see them in the last year, they fixed the problem they had caused. Hope it works out!