Friday, March 16, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 8

Yes I am way behind.
Pardon me.
Yesterday was one of those days that I wish not to repeat.
There was no time to post.

Here we are on WORK DAY 8.
Not to be confused with just 8 days working.
We are actually at 2 weeks and one day as of today (Friday March 16) since they started.

They put all the pipes in for the french drains.
This took a good portion on the day since they were getting them just so.

Rebar was added in preparation for concrete.
It's fun to see progress and get a better idea what things will look like.

Discovered that I will need much plants for my flower bed.
I can't wait though.

The above shot shows where they added a sitting area beside the pool.
It used to be about 3 feet wide max.
Ah-ha! A never before seen shot of my house!
Now you see where they continued the french drains around the corner of the house.
They discovered that whoever did the concrete before had pored it up over the brick.
That is one of the reasons water came in over on this side.
You can get just a small glimpse of the mess of my yard and patio here.

I was up late last night and before heading to bed I decided to make sure the boys toys were picked up outside since they are poring concrete today.
As I stepped outside I heard a strange noise.
I'm not sure how long this noise had been going on.
Our pool pump was running.
Dry running.
The only thing I can figure out is that our timer is an old one and it sometimes does strange things.
Like randomly turn the pool pump on.
We won't be able to tell if it damaged the pump until we can run it for real.
I will try and post again later to catch up!



Helen said...

Do you really think it was an accident that you went outside? You may have to take up a third or fourth job to pay for all of this... perhaps charge admission to swim or see the backyard. Your yard doesn't look that messy to me, however, we have a really messy yard with stuff that will someday be something. Probably not in this life, tho.

Pine Tree Home said...

I know it's messy now, but I can tell it's going to be fab. You want to hear something crazy...we had our pool pump hit my lightning twice last year. Don't say third time is a charm.