Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 1

Blogger doesn't like to load my photo's lately.
Not sure why I told you that.

So here we are on DAY 1!
They really got it in high gear for the first day of work.

Backbreaking labor I tell you.
(I have no idea, it just looked like it)

There is no way to get a tractor in our backyard so everything was done with manual labor.
They had all the decking, coping and sidewalk removed by the end of the first day.

Then our front yard looked like this...
Our neighbors actually thought we were removing our pool.
It was almost 2 dump trucks worth of debris.
Our pool was drained so they can re-tile and re-surface it.
24,000 gallons down the drain.

In the meantime...
Here is a sign I painted for Derek's grandma.
She commissioned it for a friend of hers.
It was painted on pressed wood (she supplied the wood) so it was a bit of a splintery challenge to have it look nice.
It was fun to do something a little different though:-)

Check back tomorrow for DAY 2 progress!

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Pine Tree Home said...

Wow, it will be amazing to see how they turn this into something new again. We are typing with updating our concrete around the pool and there is just so much to think about.