Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 2

Day 2 the sun set with the pool completely drained.
Beau was more than happy to pose in the deep end for a shot to show how HUGE our pool looks when empty!
Umm, yes he is wearing a police uniform.


They also dug all the french drains by hand.
The drains continue on the other side of the house since water comes in from that side of the family room as well as this side and in our dining room.

They are supposed to start on refinishing the pool (tile and such) on Monday.
I'll be sharing the updated photo's then!
On another note:
All you Texans (or southerners) share with me your favorite hardy plant!
We will be doing more flower beds around the pool instead of grass and I want to do it easy and drought tolerant.
If this summer is anything like last summer then we will be draining the pool onto our plants to keep them alive:-)



m e g a n said...

We live in Florida and Indian hawthornes are some of my favorites. They are a pretty plant that buds little white flowers a few times a year here. they don't grow too big and are pretty low. I love Raspberry bushes also, that's their nickname. their real name is something like Laurelpedulem or something like that, I don't know how to spell it. But they have more of a pinkish blue green leaf and they bud pretty magenta colored flowers that look like raspberries throughout the year also. Hope that helps!


Melissa said...

Wow, what a ton of work!! I have to say one of my favorite plants, that come up regardless of how much I neglect it, is spider whort. It has gorgeous purple flowers that start in the spring and go till fall, it can get to be about 24 inches tall, and it does have to be divided occasionally. I think it is a bulb type plant, but it is hardier, and the moles, voles, and ground hogs don't seem to like it. Hope the pool comes together nicely and quickly!!

Anonymous said...

I live in central Texas, and yes..last year was certainly a killer summer and it is not looking too much better this year....and what in the heck happened to WINTER?????? Oh well!
Lantana is my plant of choice for comes in a bazillion colors and will grow anywhere. I also have good luck with knock-out roses once they are established they will get along with very little water. A great couple of shrubs are abelia and bridal wreath. They seem to survive most anything and if a little rain happens to fall :^), the abelia lights right up with sprays of lovely white flowers with pink trim. Email me if you need more info and ideas.
jbmusik at yahoo dot com
PS: I got to Texas via Petersburg, VA. It was a fun place to live...where else could you find a Dinwiddy County? :^)

Traci said...

I live in Louisiana & we have knock out roses, lorepetalum & split leaf philodendron by our pool & they all do really well without any maintenance.