Friday, March 2, 2012

Pool Redo - The Beginning

They started on our pool redo/flood fix yesterday.
Some have questioned why we are having our pool redone...
Our pool is about 30 years old and the tile was crumbling, the coping and decking were not the same level anymore and the walls of the pool were wearing through.
On top of that we have the issue with our family room flooding that was connected to the pool redo.

There ya have it.
So here they came.
No time was wasted as they got right to work.
Our yard looks like a hurricane hit it.
Though it didn't look that great to begin with.
Here is the beginning.

Unfortunitly we will not have a diving board for about a year. Those things are costly.

I quit cleaning the pool when we decided to go ahead and redo it.
The pool surroundings have been untouched as well since we knew from day one that it would be destroyed eventually.

I just picked out this tile to go around the edges.

Yay for progress!

I'll update with day 1 photos tomorrow!
By the way, added new items in my Etsy store.
Be sure to check them out!

1 comment:

Helen said...

Was the leaking pool causing the room to flood? It is so nice to have a pool so that your kids will be proficient (is that really the right word?) in the water. Not afraid, able to handle themselves in situations, etc. that is what I meant anyway. It all takes time and money, right?