Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby Clothes Sources

Remember when I showed you these baby gifts?

1. Boys shoes.
I got the pattern here.

This was the easiest pattern and best guides and instructions.
Trust me I know.
I made 6 pairs of shoes and only two pairs made the cut.

I did add an extra "buckle"  cause I wasn't crazy about how they look plain.
I have plans of making more for Lee.
Want to try and modify it into these...

I'll let you know if that happens:-)

2. White Linen Kimono Shirt.

This was made using this as inspiration.
Umm, the pattern was no help to me and it took like 38 pieces of paper to print it.
I scrapped the pattern and just winged it.
I used a pair of pants that were on clearance at Target to make it.

3. Girl Shoes

These are actually not that hard.
I got it right better on the second pair I made.

You can find the pattern here.

They were also made with the pants from Target.
*Tip* If you plan on making these then try to pick very light, thin material.
They don't do so well with bulk.

4. Freezer Paper Onesie/Applique Onesie

These were born from the inspirations I found on Pinterest.
Not actually onesies, but blankets, pillows and such.

Awesome tutorial on freezer paper right here.

Hope that helps!!
It was great fun and I found lots more ideas to try out someday too!




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