Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A snippet here a tibit there....

Did I ever mention that I hate sewing? Mainly I just hate the cutting out, the sewing and the mess it makes. Hmmm, I guess that pretty much covers it all.

I'm sewing anyway, and here is how my machine vomits all over the table and floor when I sew.
Pretty nasty description, but so true. Hopefully I'll have some better results for you all to feast your little peepers on soon.

I also need to show you a little more of how my living room looks with it's new beam of light shining in. It's a glorious thing I tell you. Glorious!
Ahhh, see that light? It's like ice tea on a hot day...
Okay that's all I can show you till I clean it up from my sewing vomit (that is so gross!)

I better get to work again. I have cribs to paint, material to sew, a house to clean, children to feed, a Just Between Friends Sale to go to and much more!

I'll leave you with a much more pleasent thought and image to look at.



Cheryl said...

your new window looks great. So much light is flooding in. I know you are enjoying that.
those two little people in the last pic are just too precious. there is nothing like a smiling kid that is missing the two front teeth.
Adoreable I tell you. : )

Happy Gramma said...

Jill, I really want those bowls!!!

Happy Gramma said...

Oh, and your living room looks awesome with that window!!!