Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Think Things Through

I have been wanting to go back to Ikea for weeks now to purchase some storage solutions for my sons closet. I had, what I thought was the perfect solution in mind. Ikea sells these large recycling bins with lids that are stackable but because of how they are shaped you can still access them when stacked.


As I stood in my sons room today, looking at his closet that was vomiting into the room, I started thinking a little more. What I actually need is something like the above picture, but also some shelves to go along with it. So I pulled up one my favorite stores, The Land of Nod. I have yet to actually buy anything from them because of the *$$$* of everything, but they have some great ideas. This is what I found.

The Land Of Nod

Unfortunately this outfit would cost around $300 and that would hurt worse than looking at the mess. So I was thinking, keep the ikea bins and add some kind of shelving above it for the same great storage, but about a 1/4 of the price.

What I am learning is to really think about how you want each space to function and what needs to go there before you rush out to buy your storage items. A Rubbermaid container is not always the best solution. It may be that you spend just a little more time and money to get it right, but... you get it right, and that is priceless.

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