Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making Your Storage Oh So Pretty

After reading my last post then a friend of mine sent me some more great storage ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. So many of these are perfect for those with a very small house. My friend and I actually used to be roommates in a 800 square foot house or so. She thought of some great ways to make use of the smallest spaces.

Something like this would work great in a kitchen with less than ample room. I actually saw those mugs at Home Goods a few months ago.

I love this little Vegetable Bin that they have re purposed for a bedside table with lots of storage.

This is so practical for our home since my boys and husband love to park their shoes by the front door. My husband wears size 13 though, not sure they would fit in these cute little spots.

Not so much storage as just a pretty thing to see when you walk in to this room.

This kind of storage is great for those things that you need fast but don't want to see, like keys, cell phones, mail and flashlights. It is also perfect for CD or DVD storage

Another beautiful way to showcase your favorite photos and other small items.

I really need something like this to store all of the artsy stuff I have acquired.

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