Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it just a dream?

So I find myself often between "dreaming" and coveting. For instance, this room is just a dream for me.

Isn't amazing? I love how you get just a peek of that awesome bedroom through the door as well. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be. The shelving in this bathroom is so simple and great. So, from this picture I learn that I might be able to take aspects of this room and use them, but for me this bathroom is a dream. After all, you can't fit that into this:

This is an idea I can really covet! I even tried to replicate it, but alas, the lack of funds and lack of lighting discouraged me a little.

So my point is, I love to dream, but I try to keep my dreams from making me discontent with what I have already been blessed with because then I beleive I have started to covet and not to dream. Ahhh, but the dreaming is great especially with pictures like this out there to make them come alive!

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The Misty Journey said...

I totally agree...I LOVE to DREAM but not to the point I am discontent and covetous...hard to draw the line sometimes. Thanks for posting ideas that enspire me to have the house, I really, really, really want!