Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 12

Don't you hate it when you're in a great post groove and your 10 month old smacks the keyboard.
Amazing how it erased everything I had typed with one smack.

So Day 12 saw us peering down the tunnel and seeing light we stepped out onto the tracks.
We felt fairly certain that the train had already run us over several times during our pool redo and would now leave us be.
Wee bumps they say..
HA! Then what in tarnation are these train track marks on my calves?!

 During the pool redo these were are travesties:
 Our microwave quit.
Our dryer (still is) started taking small, really just tasting each of my favorite particles of clothing.
Nothing so bad. Just a small hole here, a large hole there, a rust spot and a button gone...
Dryer, you're bound for a better place as soon as I find time to interview your replacement.
We had to have an extra 18,000 or so square feet of concrete poured. (perhaps a slight exaggeration)
We found out it would cost $600+ to have our safety fence reinstalled.
Our wood fence in the back fell over during heavy rains.
Derek got sick twice and either cracked or bruised a rib playing softball.
(why are those balls not soft?)
The pool pump randomly turned on and dry ran for who knows how long.
I dropped my laptop on the tile removing my last two years of computer life and all photos.
 Our family room flooded again. (before Mastic Fantastic was applied)
Beau was diagnosed with 5 cavities. (we decided to just pull everything and start over. not)
Our van started acting up, making me take it to the local van doctor who then charged me smartly if not kindly.

Can I stop now?
 Thank you.
We are happy and healthy.
 (besides the train track marks)
I couldn't ask for more.

So the guys that do the resurfacing are the same ones that did the rock work and tile.
They have a funny sort of schedule.
They come to work around 2pm or so and work til dark.
It would seam to me that if you started earlier then you might get more work done.
What do I know though?

They did have to start with a very full, green, smelly pool.
They used generators though and had it drained in about 2 hours.
I then saw them with shovels, mucking out the bottom of the pool.
It was pretty bad down there.

So this was just the first layer of stuff.
They rolled it on with paint rollers then left it to dry overnight.

We are so close to the end that it's scary eh?
I wish.
Unfortunately the end is still not in sight for us.
The pool may be done but oh the mess!

Until day 13....

(I listed some more signs in my Etsy store!)


Helen said...

When it rains, it pours. So, your 10 month old is learning keyboarding... (I used to call it typing, but I am so updated now...) You should have had just about enough stuff happen to you to last for around 5 years, clear sailing here on out.

NanaDiana said...

Jillian- So with all that going on I am just wondering if you are having fun yet? I'd say the Easter bunny should be kind to you this year and leave you a boatload of money to compensate for all the extra that has been eaten up during this project! Hope you are having a good day~ xo Diana

Jim Thomson said...

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Melissa Martin said...

wow, that is a lot of travesties. Bummer about Beau's cavities. I know how that goes. Last summer Tara had a baby root canal, and had all 8 molars capped because of cavities. It makes you feel like a terrible parent. However, it is just life, and their adult teeth will be different. Hope that everything goes better from here on out!!

Alisha said...

I feel your pain. :) Yesterday during the storm water was coming through our living room ceiling. Not a good feeling. And I thought we were DONE with projects for a while!