Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pool Redo - DAY 11

As you can well imagine, we are waaay past day 11 now.
But we must catch up.
Mustn't we?
(where should the comma go in that word? I couldn't figure it out.)

Day 11 was a mastic kind of day.
"A wha?"
You ask.
 I gently repeat to you.
Not plastic.
Not fantastic.
Just plain ol' mastic.
Say it with me now!

Yes our fence DID fall over the day before! Yay for more work!

I quite agree except for one thing...
I was ready to go rambo (huh?) on our contractor before they did this.
Okay not really.
It looked purty awful before the mastic was applied.
There were huge gaps between the decking and the stone.
There was foam (they put it between the decking and stone while they poured concrete) sticking up and folded over.
Frankly I was thinking that my 3 year old could have done better.


I heard it in a sing-songy voice as well!

So mastic is kinda like caulk but much more durable and waterproof.
They slop it in there and then pour sand over it so it looks right smart.

This was actually just the first layer of mastic.
They added more later so that it was all flush.

Pretty Mastic Fantastic eh?

Okay, fine.
I was just trying to make mastic sound like more fun than algebra.

Oh, see how the decking looks like it has acne? 
Well that's my ham hock salt doing its magic!
The more you spray it and stuff, the more the salt starts to make its little worm holes.
In about 5 years we won't have a lick of concrete left!
(get it? Lick. Heh)
Well that's not exactly true.
The salt just licks up the spots that it was sitting on.
Makes it not so slippery.
(for those that were puzzling about why we would want worm holes in our brand new concrete.)

Come back soon for more pool redo 101!

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NanaDiana said...

I GET the wormholes in the concrete!;>) I like making NEW look AGED. What a job you have going on there. We haven't had a pool in our last couple of houses but I remember the work...er..I mean FUN...of having one. I can't wait to see it all done. It is going to be sooo worth the wait! xo Diana