Friday, January 13, 2012

A Dollar & Some Change {Actually Just Change}

Winter is my mostest unfavorite time of the year.
The cold makes my muscles hurt.
The bareness of the landscape makes my eyeballs hurt.
The freezing cold water in the pool makes my fingers hurt.

I guess I combat this dislike by turning my eyes, muscles and fingers indoors.
I start to move furniture.
Switch things from room to room.
Plank walls.

You know how it goes.
{or maybe you don't. Just nod and smile then)

The boys bathroom was my first room to hone in on.
{Oh yes, there is more than one room getting the winter treatment)
When we first moved here I was all beachy and bright.
I got tired of beachy real quick.
Good thing I spent no money on it.
(By the way, you will see some "new" items in my Etsy store soon due to my redecorating)

Here is the way things are turning these days...

I painted the First Aid sign as a start to my never ending journey of decorating.
And redecorating.

The stool was from the goodwill.
It looked like it had been sitting in a germy old doctors office.
I painted it. Scuffed it. Sanded it. Treated the wood to make it look old.
(will be sharing more on that in another post)
The basket on the toilet holds an assortment of apothecary bottles and such.
All of that was gathered from my bedroom and other bathroom.

A little metal container I've had for years now holds extra rags.

I used a feedsack as a curtain.

A metal bucket holds their many toothbrushes.
You're kids don't own a toothbrush for each tooth?
I love finding stuff around the house and sticking it in a new spot.
Makes it feel brand (old) again!

You can see what the bathroom used to look like here!

I also want to thank Houzz for featuring me here and here.


Helen said...

I love that we have the freedom and opportunity to change. We can move things or people from here to there and not worry about interference, paper-work, rules, regulations, etc. I know that our great-great-great grandmothers had homes that had the same things in the same places for years on end, that would drive me crazy. We have an unending change around here. My decorating (that word is used VERY loosely...) is whatever furniture piece that Mr has completed and needs to be stored inside, out of the weather. I may have a collection of syrup dispensers on a chest and tomorrow they will all be boxed up to go to either the store or a show. I love the change (and we make a few dollars along the way)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the look of the bathroom and am so glad i am not the only one whose kids have multiple toothbrushes!

Melissa said...

haha, I love the toothbrushes! Tara has 6!! Three upstairs, and three downstairs. I'll never understand it, but since the dentist hands them out like candy, its okay. The bathroom looks great, perfect for growing boys!

christie said...

Love the First Aid sign!!

Urban Farmgirl said... it! Especially the sign! ;o)


Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Lovely bathroom! The details are all just perfect. :)

Judy said...

love this cute bathroom. primitive, so fresh and fun.

KiwiStyle said...

Enjoying your blog from New Zealand. I saw a similar First Aid sign at a market in Australia last year and am still kicking myself for not purchasing it. Yours looks fab. Jane :)

Bliss said...

I clicked over, from a click over to pin this sign. Very cute, and I might be copying it to go with a first aid kit I made.