Friday, August 5, 2011

An Old Sign Find

I love old signs. I really, really do.

It's almost like an addiction.

So when I found this one... I just went crazy with excitement.

*Breathe in. Breathe out*

Is it not delicious?

Okay, so I lied.


Second, I am attempting to really start painting authentic looking primitive/old trade and advertising signs. Like this one I did for our family room.

Give me your thoughts? Does it look authentically old? I started with a brand, spanking new piece of plywood for this one, so it took a little work to get to where this one looked old. I have tons of ideas for more though so I really want to get it right.

Hit me with your best critique. Go ahead. I can take it.



Helen said...

YOU actually painted that!!?

Girl, we could seriously do some business... I would love to sell these for you for big bucks! You get the money, me get the fame. Hmm, just a logistic problem, you there, me here...

I love, love the sign. How about scrounging for old barn wood, or cruise the neighborhoods for wood left out at the side of the house? That way you wouldn't have to buy it... I love the way the old wood peeks through the paint. and the lettering is great - and the hand, don't get me the way, where did you get that printed paper in the background. it really sets the sign off.
One of your biggest fans.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Oh yeah, seriously vintage and perfectly chippy. I have a pair of vintage skis that I am adding to our basement guest suite and I am halfway through making a sign to go with them. Not as great as yours, but I like it so far.

Louisa Book Cottage said...

This is not your mother speaking... I really like it! Not for your house tho'.. it is tooo far from the beach.
If you only had some of this wood Heidi got from the old church that was torn down.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I need a new sign for our living room, if I got you the wood could I pay you to paint me a sign? Just email me your price

Deborah said...

I love signs too and you did amazing! Yes it looks old and beautiful!!

Deborah xo

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Your sign looks great! Maybe beat it up a little more? I can't tell from the pic, but I like to make some dings and damage besides the distressing. You may have done that already but thought I'd suggest. Paint your heart out...your stuff is terrific! Have great weekend. : )


redmetalroof said...

Need some sisterly tips on how to 'oldify' the table I'm working on. Love. LOve. LOVE the sign!

Lana M. said...

What's to critique? Love the sign. My son is a skiier and he has that sort of thing in his room. Love it!

Vintage Country Girl said...

It's great! Tell us how you did it!

red.neck chic said...

Good Grief girl - that is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I'll take one!!!

;-D robelyn

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

You could have fooled me! I think it looks fabulously old. Great job.