Thursday, August 4, 2011

My "Accidental" Ebay Buy

Okay, don't tell me you've never done it too. It wasn't so much an accident as it was not thinking through the whole currency differences. Yup, this little puppy came from the United Kingdom.

Yup, they use a different currency there.

Anyway, it wasn't a bad deal, just more than I normally "on a whim" place a bid.

I love to gaze at and think about how it must have sat on some stogy old aristocrats stoop in years gone by, or perhaps a harried milkman delivered it to a harried mother of three years gone by...

So anyway, I like my new/old milk basket. I plan on adding some old, miss-matched silverware to it instead of my everyday stuff.
 (Yes sister Abby, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery)



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Lorianne said...

I love it! I'm a sucker for old, vintage, metal things. Good find, even if it was more expensive than you thought.

Rachel Noelle said...

I LOVE it! xo Rachel

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Helen said...

Ah, but some things are worth it just to look at them. I love it.

m e g a n said...

I think it was a great "accidental" buy!


Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Oh, it's gorgeous!

Amy Kinser said...

It is a beauty. What you did sounds like something I easily could have done.

Melissa said...

Great buy! I would have "accidentally" bought it too! I bought one 2 weeks ago on etsy, it should be here any day now. Can't wait! Its not quite as cute and curvy as yours, but I think I'll still love it!

Judy said...

I love vintage and this is perfect vintage. I've made some accidental purchases on ebay myself, but THIS is no accident!

abbs said...

And there I am!, right there named on your blog and all! I feel sorta like a celebrity or something... something.

Lana M. said...

Cheerio! Cute accidental buy.

Laura said...

I am so excited to find another Texas blogger in this huge world of blogging.

I look forward to reading more about The Sleepy House,

and I am a new follower.

Enjoyed visiting,

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Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Jillian, I would love to accidentally buy that! I have been looking for one to hold my blue ball jars. Now you're going to have me looking on ebay!