Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Quick Clock Redo

Life has been a little different for me lately and I've missed being able to remake and redo anything except my bed!

Sooo, I purchased an outdoor clock off of Joss & Main the other day with credits that I had there so it only cost me a few $.
I liked it (especially for the price) but it was a little to blah for me.

So I got out my paintbrushes. Actually the first thing I did was rub a little stain on it. I then dry brushed some black and gray acrylics on. It still wasn't quite right so I dug around and found a container of metallic glaze that the people at DecoArt had sent me for a try.
It gave it the perfect coppery look.
I love it now!
Plus, when I'm laying here watching the boys swim, then I can glance right up and see my time and temp.


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Joss & Main



Helen said...

Missed you too, but what a gain you had with a new little son. I know that he will be in the swing of things soon - giving you more new ideas to give us. Thanks for the clock idea, it looks great. BTW the new blog ideas for TVB is giving them a new look. Are you for sale?

Deanne said...

Great job, amazing what a little paint can do!

Melissa said...

Looks great! I love a good copper finish! I'm going to check out Joss & Main too!