Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Can Do It Cheaper - Signs On My Mind

The Virginia House

I'm going crazy with signs these days. Every since I saw this post over at Three Ring Cottage I've been addicted.

So this week I'm going a little off the beaten path since I have nothing to compare them to in price or expertise(Other than Three Ring Cottage and hers are Great!).

Share in my sign love'n...

Here they are before bathing in sandpaper and stain.

After putting on their makeup, then scraping it off. Aaaaahhhh.....

They have already found a home. Bet you can't guess where it is?

I'll give you a hint...

I had so much fun doing these and the sky is really the limit. Different styles, colors, places....
So the best part about them? Free! I love Free!(not just free, but Free!) The wood was either scraps of plywood or pieces my father-in-law gave me that he had cut off when he built a fence. Oh, I have one more sign in the works right now that I think will be my favorite.

BTW, to those that are curious: I chose these locations because they either meant something to me or they just sound great and I would love to go there someday!

Okeee Dokeee, now it's your turn. We made it all the way up to 9 links last week, so lets see if we can do 10! Remember that I will be picking of your great projects to be featured next week!
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Meet Virginia said...

These are so too cute! I love them and the colors you used! Thanks for always hosting girl!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Natalie Catherine said...

what a great job!!!! i love it! i think i'm gonna have to bookmark your post and try this!

gina3 said...

What a nice surprise! Thanks for mentioning me and I'm so glad my little project inspired you. Yours look really good! I love this project because as you said you make them so many ways. I can't wait to see your favorite one. Thanks again!

Melissa said...

As always, great job! I love the signs!! For some reason, I just love signs, I've been trying to squeeze some in here and there, but hubby is not real fond of them, so I have to be really selective. I love yours! Working on my own 'cheaper' project, hopefully I'll be able to finish it this weekend and send you a pic. :) Thanks for sharing!

karab said...

I noticed the "bell isle" sign! :)

Cottage Dreamers said...

Very nice! I love the colors you chose and now I have the urge to paint something pink...hmmm. I'll have to try making some signs with our scrap wood!
☺ Celeste

Juli said...

what color did you use on the "beach" sign???? I love it, it's the perfect shade!