Monday, March 1, 2010

Springing into the outdoors

As I prepare for the arrival of daylight savings.....less than two weeks from now, then my thoughts turn toward spring and the outdoors.
We actually just moved into our house in October of last year, so we have yet to have a Spring or Summer here. I can't wait though! So, as I was saying, I've been thinking about what I want to plant, add, redo for the outdoors.
Here are a few shots of what our backyard looked like when we were in the process of purchasing our house.

I hope to spruce up a few things and change a few things. See that little shed on the side? That will be our pool house as soon as I think of what to do in it. I don't have an abundance of grass, so I want to add color with mixed pots of bright flowers and some bright outdoor cushions for my yet-to-be purchased pool furniture.
What does your backyard look like? I would love to see and hear how you have made your backyard into something you love! I'm also excepting all idea's for redoing our little pool house! (Must be low cost of course)


Haven and Home said...

I am DYING for a pool, so jealous!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Wow! What a beautiful pool and backyard. It looks like a sanctuary. I bet you can't wait for Spring and Summer to see it come to life.