Friday, February 26, 2010

Keeping it Real

The biggest blessings come in the cutest packages...

He's a cowboy to the tips of his dirty boots.

Life got a little brighter the day he entered this world....

Then it got even better.

Life is good.

Happy Friday!

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Screaming Meme said...

This made my morning brighter! :) Little Texans...:)

Kennedy said...

So Sweet, Jillian! I miss ya'll.

nameisgrace said...

what precious pictures!!! i'm so glad you found me, because i just adore your blog. and the fact that you're from virginia is the best!!! have a wonderful weekend:) ~grace

Brandy said...

I love this post! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I have enjoyed reading through your blog and have already found a helpful tip. I have been looking for chippy hooks for my bathroom and haven't had any luck. I had not looked at Hobby Lobby yet and I'm hoping to find some and distress them myself, just like you did! I'm so happy to "meet" you and am looking forward to following you!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Those pictures are so adorable. I love cowboys and little ones are even better.

PS Thanks for visiting my blog and I am enjoying yours very much.

Paige said...

Those are GREAT the cowboys precious.

You should be a proud grandparent!


Anonymous said...

Love your pics. What a cute little guy.
Following you from Tuesdays bloghop.