Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Interrupt This Program...

Pictures often speak louder than words.

Yes, that's my kitchen floor.
Oh the mess.
Oh the smell.
It's kinda like buried treasure.
Except it's not at all like that.

We have rotten drain pipes in our kitchen.
Under the concrete.

Do wish us luck.
And if you play the lottery then please stop so I can win.


Helen said...

Oh the opportunities here. You can move things to where you want... or be so ever thankful for the newer pipes when they are installed, and, it gives you fodder for blog posts as you find more buried treasures. Seriously, how sad. Isn't it weird, the smells that come from under your house?

NanaDiana said...

Oh-We have been in a similar mess-except ours is the upstairs bathroom sewer....had to tear out the ceiling on the downstairs sitting room to fix it....what a mess- I'll cry right along with you- xo Diana

Traci said...

OH NO!!! So sorry! Hope it's fixed & cleaned up soon!

Lana M. said...

I am soooo sorry! We had water issues in our kitchen about four years ago. Major pain but usually something good will come out of it. In the meantime...hopefully insurance will help out.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I had to redo the entire floor of my cottage and I remember that smell so well.. Urgh! I wish you good luck. You'll have so much fun later with the new floor.

Kippy said...

Oh no. We had that happen to us in December of 2010. The week. of. CHRISTMAS. It was a mess. We had to move the whole family out of the house, take down the Christmas tree and decor (because construction dust sucks), and shell out A TON of money to have it repaired. Hubby had to ever so gingerly pull up the wood laminate (and try to keep it in order) and then re-install after the floors were fixed. We had a hole in our living room, one in the kitchen, and two in the hall bath. I do not envy you. That was so NOT my favorite thing.

Anonymous said...

A rotten pipe sounds like rotten luck. Though, since you have everything already torn up this would be a great time to start a remodeling project. You will also have newer pipes and the smell will go away. Good luck with your piping problems.

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Oh dear! Fingers crossed that its not too expensive and its all fixed soon. xoxo