Monday, May 13, 2013

Getting In The Groove Again

Have you ever come home from a wonderful vacation and tried to jump back into normal life?
It's not easy.
Especially when you spent a week in Florida with you parents, 5 siblings and their spouses plus 17 grand kids.
In one house.
For one one week.
At the beach.
Am I repeating myself?
Anyway, it was great.
Then we came home.....

I sat in a lounge chair in our back yard trying not to move a muscle.
Trying to hold on to the memories.
Bragging (via text) to my two younger siblings who were still driving back to VA about how wonderful the weather was here and how I wasn't doing anything but relaxing.
That's what I said.
Then a ball got stuck on the roof and our boys tried to get it down.
With rocks.
Life is always interesting.

Teacher appreciation week was also last week.
I had fun creating a few things for our wonderful teachers and staff.
Beau specifically asked that I find or make a piece of jewelry for his teacher.
He wanted it to say "I love you".
I had fun making it and thought it was sweet of him to want that for her.

You know those bloggers that have beautiful homes?
You know.
The ones that show your their home one day and then the next day they post again with the new flooring they installed the evening before.
On a whim.
With only a toothpick and a paint scraper as her tools.
She actually did it all by herself while she took care of her 4 kids and 3 dogs.
Look at her go.
Yeah that's not me.
We have started the demolition of our flooring.
We are down to the nasty, gritty concrete that forces me to wear shoes all the time because I can't stand the feel of it on my bare feet.
That's the stage we're in.
It's a stage we will remain in for a while.
We're buying a new back door.

It's good to be back!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh jillian that is not me either! i'm in real life. :) wish i could just lay some pretty duct tape down on a whim and make it a floor and start a new trend...

Nancy said...

That storm pic is awesome!!!!! Glad you had a nice vacation. I would love for our family to do that. There are 68 of ours though so it'd have to be a mighty big beach house. Sorry to hear about your door. :( I will have to tell my daughter about that though as she is always up for hearing that her boys aren't the only ones who do "silly" things. ;)

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

That's not me either! I've been living in renovation chaos for three weeks now and wonder how it looks so easy on other blogs!!! Good luck to you!