Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

This project falls into the "Could be Cheesy" category.
Lets be honest with each other though...
Some of us blogger people sometimes do cheesy projects.
Can I get an Amen?

Okay, so let me preface this all by saying, I hate stuff hanging on my fridge.
I have stuff hanging (on the sides) of my fridge.
I love my kids sweet (if many) little drawings they make me though.
I like for them to see them hanging proudly.
Then there's that dentist appointment card reminder thingy.
The count down till vacation.
And so on and so forth.
These things need there own places in the circle of life.

So I actually didn't use a cookie sheet cause I already had this sheet of metal stuff that a friend of mine gave me.
She thought I could use it for something.
She was right.
I like the kind of friends that gift me with random sheet metal.
So I took my gifted metal and I:
Took a hammer and nail and punched two holes in the top for my twine to go through.
I then decided that there had to be an easier way to punch holes that didn't involve my ears bleeding.
Enter the Dremel Tool.
I used it to drill my other two holes for the upside down wood desk pull.
Now you could stay primitive and stick with the hammer and nail.
If you have the dremel, use the dremel.
You could also just glue the handle to the metal.
I guess.
I would strongly suggest using the Spray Chalk Paint because it will adhere to the metal much better than brushing it on.
After it dries then thread your twine in.
Screw your handle (pull) on.
Plop on your magnetics.
Now wait for your life to be transformed and automatically organized.
Or not.

I (and "I" use "I" loosely since it was actually the husband) picked up the magnetic hooks at the Wal-Mart.
You don't have to go the magnetic route if you don't want.
Dremel some more holes.
Go for real hooks.
If you want.

By the way...
I am going to Florida.
But it's not in 40 days.
I'm excited.




Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Love it! Great idea 'cuz I hate stuff on my fridge too!

NanaDiana said...

I don't like stuff on my fridge either. Love this idea. You're going to Florida? Whoo Hooo- xo Diana

Robin said...

Not cheeszy! Perfect. I love it.

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Love this idea- I've been meaning to give this a try, but keep forgetting to look for old baking pans at the thrift store. Maybe I should just use mine, since I bake soooo much! :)

Julia Klimek said...

LOL! I hate stuff on my fridge! I have ONE magnet and I tuck it to the side/back where no one can see it. I guess I just can't fully let go of the whole fridge magnet thing... Thanks for the cute idea, I am headed to the dollar store now, and might just pick up a cookie sheet to do this with. :)