Friday, March 22, 2013

Chair Renew- Fabric Painting

Don't drop your teeth.
Yes it's me.
Posting more than once in a weeks time.
Miracles (and sick kids) do happen.
You may remember about a year ago I picked up this little number from a local junk shop.
You can see the post about it here.
I did a semi-good job of disguising how dirty the fabric really was on the chair, despite my best scrubbing.
I had plans to paint the fabric, but I am anything but fast!
I've lost to the snail on many an occasion.
So yesterday I had three sick kids at home and needed something that was easy to do, not much mess and I could be right there with them.
the chair.
Now let me make a few notes here if you plan on doing this kind of little redo.
1. Make sure you have a chair that has the kind of history where the only way to go is up.
2. Make sure you're not looking for perfection. (what's that?)
3. Make sure you don't want fuzzy soft fabric when you're done.
4. Make sure you're sure.
This is a simple easy peezy project that I didn't even take "how-to" pictures of.
You just need:
A spray bottle with water in it.
Acrylic paint (I mixed my own colors)
Paint brush.
Rag to keep things un-drippy.
And this:
Do I know if you could do it without Anita's Textile Medium?
No I do not.
I've only done this once and since I already had the medium then I thought I would throw it in.
You can throw it out and see what happens since you only spent pennies on the dirty chair that you're getting ready to paint too.

So I mixed up some paint, some medium and a fair amount of water.
I shook it.
Watched my arm flap.
Thought about working out.
Decide shaking the jar was a pretty good work out.
I sprayed the fabric till it was damp to the touch.
Dipped my brush in my concoction and gently applied,
I say gently cause I mean gently.
Don't go slopping it on like chili on a hot dog.
Use some grace.
Some finesse.
Do that all over and let it dry some.
Do it again if you see some spots you missed.
I did it about 3 times.
Making sure my fabric was damp each time.
You can see on the front of the chair that I should have gone back and done it a little more.
It actually doesn't show as much in real life though.
So the variations in fabric color and all that was actually like that before.
It is a velvet kind of material (a good one to paint).
So it changes when stroked in different directions.

It isn't hard or poky.
Just not soft and velvety either.
It isn't perfect.
Just perfect for me.
The snail.
With floppy arms....
I'm going to go work out now.



Lana M. said...

Great idea. You always give me a chuckle with your writing style. Especially the flapping arms comment. I call it an arm dangle. The chair looks wonderful. Sounds like something even I could tackle.

AshTreeCottage said...

Your chair looks great. I had no idea that you could paint this type of fabric. Thanks for the tip!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

abbs said...

This cracked me up, especially since I know you've already been working on that flap, I doubt if ya have any!!

Helen said...

If you really want to see some flap... I have wondered about the painting of the fabric and stuff. Looks like I could handle it, if I had a cheap chair. Maybe I'll try it.

NanaDiana said...

That looks great, Jillian. I have painted fabric but have never sprayed it with water first or used a textile medium. Maybe you are onto something there- xo Diana

Tina Lou said...

I am still 'thinking' about doing this, Jillian. If one day I can 'think' to pick up some textile medium, maybe it will happen!
Great inspiration.

Sophie said...

Great sense of humour and creative ideas, I love this !
Thanx from France :-)

Back Home Cottage said...

You inspire me. I have a chair waiting for a new look and gray it is!!!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...


Deb Hrabik said...

Well, it looks just beautiful. The gray and white is so clean and fresh.
Thanks for showing us!