Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Silver Sign

My pal Sheldon from The Silver Craftsman is going to be at an upcoming show called Funky Finds.
So, he had commissioned a sign for his last show in November and I....
I misunderstood the deadline and...

So I was ready this time around!
(thank you for your patience and forgiveness Sheldon)

I can't wait to see his stuff all set up at the show with his own custom sign adorning the booth.
Oh the joy!

The cool thing is, Funky Finds  is doing a giveaway from The Silver Craftsman right now.
Go check it out their blog to enter for your chance!




Love, love this sign! Your signs are always so lovely. By the way, I love my bracelet that I have from the Silver Craftsman -- he's a talented guy. :)

Sheldon said...

I guess it's true that the best things are the ones you wait for! I love my sign, Jill!

Anna See said...

Great job on the sign! It is lovely!

Helen said...

I love the sign. Wish I could be at the show to see all the sparklies and see the sign in true action. I know that this will help his business grow.

Gexton said...

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