Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Living Room Re-dressing

I used to snicker covertly into my balled up fist when I heard that someone had redecorated again.

I am eating my snickers in the same manner as some eat crow.

(As any normal person tends to do when they refuse to believe they might have a problem.... )
I do have a good excuse!

I am addicted to moving stuff around.
I paint furniture and resell it.
I paint signs and sell them.

It's only natural that they make their way into my living room for a brief time.
Like a year or two.
They must acclimate themselves to a normal family lifestyle you know.
One can't send an inanimate object off into the wild unknown with no training.

So I train them.
I display them.
I change things.
With no guilt whatsoever.
It's wonderful.
Snicker and snort all you want.

Please excuse the messy writing on the chalkboard.
 I needed that reminder too and didn't waste time making it pretty.

The Christ Is sign was all for me though and won't be going anywhere.
Some reminders need to stay put.

I'm painting.
Would you care to see the reveal?


sissie said...

Well now I know why I always have to keep everything for just a little while before going to my booth. Thanks for the insight.
Never thought about it as "training" but I like that.

Love all your prettiness in your home.


Helen said...

I love having some things 'visit' for a while then move on. Sometimes, tho I feel a little overwhelmed with all I collect. I think my interests are maybe a little to diversified. Love the look of your home. Hugs to all, especially the children, they are growing like weeds.

Melissa Martin said...

I like your Christ Is sign a good reminder! I jave never been big on the antler thing, but you managed to make it look nice, and appealing, not like a dead thing is staring at you. I must admit, I am the type who decorates and then leaves it cause it took so long to get it the way I want, that I won't start over.

the vintage bricoleur said...

Jill, I love your changes. I too have things that live with me for a while before they find their new home. Your signs are perfect! I have a chalk board in my entry that gets verses written on it for "reminders" of how we should be treating one another. I can't believe that Lee is 1! Your other two are growing up so fast also. I enjoyed the pics of your vacation. Take Care, Terry

The Misty Journey said...

Love the sign!!! I am in love with black and white and the way you did that one is classy! Good keeper for sure. ;) Nice job Jillie.

NanaDiana said...

YES! I would LOVE to see the reveal. I think you have the perfect excuse to keep things around- xo Diana

Louisa Book Cottage said...

Jill, you did a great job on the "Christ" sign. I have always liked that expression. Keep up the good work!

Louisa Book Cottage said...

Jill, you did a great job on the "Christ" sign. I have always liked that expression. Keep up the good work!