Monday, April 9, 2012

Bringing Back The Burlap

I find myself still grieving.
Still grieving the posts that I had planned.
The photos I had stored, edited and ready to be plopped into those planned posts.

So I am starting over.
I recently got to paint this lovely Burlap Art for a customer.

I had gotten quite burnt out on my previous burlap art.
I had actually quit painting it period.

Then I got yet another email asking if I would paint some, but this time it was a little different.
I said yes.

I think I may even paint myself one.
I'm pretty much digging it.


NanaDiana said...

I am still so sorry that you lost all your pictures. How awful! But, you are a busy gal and will soon fill your files up again. Love your burlap picture. I can't work with burlap -it makes me so itchy. I think I hauled too much of it around on the farm as a kid.

Have a great day- xo Diana

AnnaKaye87 said...

Jill, I LOVE your burlap art! It is so neat!

Melissa Martin said...

Well, speaking as an owner of a very small piece of your burlap art, I love it! I always get compliments on the little birdy you did for me way back when. Sorry you lost all the pictures, but it is good to see you creating again!