Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally Home

But just think of stepping on shore
And finding it heaven
Of touching a hand
And finding it God's
Of breathing new air
And finding it celestial
Of waking up in glory
And finding it home!

(Don Wyrtzen ~ Finally Home)
Dear Grandma,
Today we feel a little bit of sadness and a little bit of joy.
Today you are in heaven with our Lord & Saviour!
Thank you for raising my mom to be the amazing woman she is today.
Thank you for having me and Brooke come stay with you almost every summer for a week.
For the trip you and Grandaddy took me on.
For the ceramic ducks you had that we would put raisins and chocolate chips behind and wait for you to find them and get all indignant. 
Thank you for everything you were to us here on earth.
I will remember you every time I see a pansy:-)
We love you and will miss you.
Goodbye for now.
We'll see you in heaven one day.



Jane of All Trades said...

I remember your Grandma as being a sweet lady. Even though she and my mom are cousins, because of the distance in where we all lived, we didn't see her often. However, the time that we did, she always showed an interest in what I was doing. I'm sure she will be missed by many. I'm going to be calling my mom now and see if she heard the news. I'm glad you have those fond memories to remember your Grandma by.

Helen said...

We are feeling with you the loss of your grandmother. Our hope is in Him, and the promise that we will all be reunited at last.

Lana M. said...

She was such a dear lady. I'm sure she will be missed by many but once she's had a taste of heaven I know no one would wish her back. That's so great that you have such good memories of time spent with her.

Louisa Book Cottage said...

Thank you ,Jill

Louisa Book Cottage said...
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Darlene said...

Your grandmother was sweet and kind to me. I counted her a friend. She was a wonderful lady. I'll miss her. I am glad she is home.

Melissa said...

I thought of the same song when H called to give me the news. Your grandma always made me feel so welcome, even tho we are cousins she never minded that we called her aunt. I loved listening to the stories she told of her exploits with my Grandma Morey and Aunt Nan, they had a lot of fun trips together! I will miss your grandma a lot, but I know that she is very much enjoying Heaven!!

The Misty Journey said...

I love having older ladies to look at characteristics in their life and focus on them in mine! I love the opportunity to grow in being a Proverbs 31 Woman! Thinking of you and the loss your family will have but oh the JOY she is experiencing. Thanks for sharing Jillie!