Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sign Up {Part 4}

You've already seen this sign before, but here she is in all her glory.
(side note, do you think of flags as he's or she's?)

It made an amazing backdrop!

In my mind...

The morning was cold and dreary.
Or rather a typical England day, thought the young man who hurried past the piles of ropes and cargo.
It was rather quiet out, all the sailors still sleeping off last nights inebriation.
That was fine with him, he preferred the quiet. It gave him time to think. To plan.
Nothing had turned out the way he had hoped.
 In one small turn of fate he had lost his family, his money and the affections of the only woman he had ever cared for. His country, whom he had believed in so deeply had betrayed him.
His eyes swung around the deserted docks, watching for any sign of the one he was here to meet.
The information he held could line his pockets with enough gold to last him a while, but money was not his goal now.
His heart burned with bitterness, ached with sorrow and lusted for revenge and no amount of wealth could ease it.

A rat scurried from its warm home in search of food and drew the mans gaze toward the dilapidated building in front of him.
The faded and worn colors of his countries flag stared back at him. Mocking him yet enticing him at the same time. A shock of pride rippled unbidden through his veins. His eyes narrowed and his fists clenched as he stared at it, an idea forming rapidly in the corner of his mind.

The rat watched with little interest as a pair of boots past near him, quickly disappearing into the fog.

When I was younger I wrote stories all the time.
Unfortunately I don't have time to really write anymore,so I have fun thinking up these little "backgrounds" for my signs.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how they end:-)
By the way, grammar, punctuation and the sort has never been my strong point.
Just ask my Mom.
Drives her crazy.

Tomorrow I'll show you my favorite sign to date!



Helen said...

Let me know when you need an editor... Love the sign, so vibrant, and your model is so cute! Do I see a career in the making?

Blair Roy said...

That's cute Jill!! You are very talented :) Oh and flags are always girls...

Alisha said...

You should seriously write a book. Or maybe just a blog of stories. I would read it! And tell your mom that your punctuation is "for effect."

Darlene said...

Someday may you have the time to write!

Lana M. said...

Jack is so cute in front of the Union Jack. Most flags are girls but not this one.

rocks in my mailbox said...

haha, i love your little stories Jill. :) -ky

T.@WhatWeKeep said...

Love it...and your little model is so cute that I just want to squeeze him!