Monday, October 24, 2011

Sign Up! {Part 1}

The next couple of days will be sign filled.
If you hate signs then turn your eyeballs away.

I finished the order for Classic Furniture, and they are bumping along the road to Virginia right now.

This sign is pretty large. It's hard to tell that from the pictures though. It is probably a little over 4 feet long.

I need to find a good place to take photographs of the large signs.
This wall is not doing it for me.

Richard? You ask.
In honor of my smart and creative dad whom I got much of my "talent" from.
In honor of my grandpa who is a cheerful, hardworking elder gentleman.
 In honor of my nephew who is sweet and kind and just a little goofy.

I like for things to have meaning.

By the way, look up at the top and you'll see a new button that says
I'm working on getting photo's of all the signs I've done put on there.
Check it out!

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Helen said...

Incredibly lovely as always. You do have great talent. What a great idea to have another page for your signs.