Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Between Friends

I haven't been ignoring you.
Well maybe a little.

I've actually been getting ready for Just Between Friends.
If you have kids, and they wear clothes, then this is something you need to check out!

The size varies, but our sale  is 75,000 square feet of clothes, shoes, toys, baby stuff, maternity clothes and so on.

So I've been sorting and tagging clothes for the last week to sell.

Next week I'll be back to being part time sign maker:-)

Don't forget the giveaway over at The Vintage Bricoleur!



Anonymous said...

Volunteered all day yesterday (starting at 7:15) and then dropped off my stuff this morning at 7:15. Tonight will be shopping the sale. I'm ready for it all to be done (: Happy shopping to you! Hope you sell all your stuff.

Jane of All Trades said...

I hear ya. We've been doing the same here in MO. We have today and tomorrow left before the sale is over. I've done really well so far and am hoping to clean up on the last two days. I really don't want to bring very much back home. ;) Good luck to you and happy shopping. Unfortunately, my kiddos are too big now for me to get much benefit out of shopping but I do love selling stuff and making a little extra cash!