Thursday, September 8, 2011

He's growing!

3 1/2 months already!

Past the baby tummy troubles and just work'n on keeping us all wrapped around his tiny little fingers!

Can't even imagine what life was like without him:-)


the vintage bricoleur said...

I can just imagine that little baby talk! Such pretty eyes!! I'm glad everything is going better. T

BigBearswife said...

so handsome!

Deanne said...

He is just gorgeous!

Just White said...

I know!!!!
My little one is 3 months next sunday!!! No more tummy aches!!!
Loads of smiles and some laughs!!!
He is my first one and I am over the moon with him!!!
Nice to share same expierence with you!!!
Have a lovely weekend!!!

Lana M. said...

What a darling doll baby! Glad his tummy issues have resolved themselves.