Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catch that Clutter

One little corner of our kitchen counter is the catch all of clutter.
Mail, coupons, cell phones and chargers just sort of migrate here.
I had actually emptied the basket here.

It drives me crazy to say the least and the little basket there wasn't doing his job.

In comes this little wood caddy from Hobby Lobby (it was around $2-$3 dollars).
I think I had picked it up for some random project that never happened.
At some point I had let my 4 year old "paint" it for me.

It has not been a miracle cure, but it's doing its part to save my sanity, one piece of clutter at a time.



Deborah said...

I ove your little holder! Its so cute!
We must be thinking along the same lines, because I recently bought a birdhouse on sale and covered over soe of the paint and Im using it for a mail holder on the counter.
One clutter-catcher = a little less clutter!
Ill be posting about mine shortly!
Happy day!

Deborah xoxo

Just White said...

I also have a corner like this, put a basket but it is too small already!!!

Vintage Country Girl said...

Cute idea. I think the 4 year old painting it was the best! Gives me an idea...THANKS!

Melissa said...

My clutter spot gets something to organize it, and then suddenly I have a different clutter spot. I hate that! I like you little caddy, I bet your 4 year old will be telling everyone that he painted it for mommy, its fun to let the kids "help"!

Lora said...

Looks like my kitchen counter. I have a big basket, but things seem to overflow. Yours is handy AND cute!

Jenny said...

Love it!