Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revisiting A Popular Post-The Pool House

I was looking for an old post today and came across The Pool House post. This has been one of my most popular and most featured posts (even made it on The Lettered Cottage! Whoop whoop!).

Anyway, for those that may be interested, read on...
(by the way, this one of those rare rooms/places that I haven't changed anything in)

Are you all ready for this? I know I am! So, to look forward in this project, we must first look back just a little.

Remember these pictures?
Yuck right! Not only was it u-gly, it smelled like a dog. (very badly I might add) It was actually used as a dog house by the previous owners, so decor wasn't high on the list.
So buckle up and brace yourself for a loooot of pictures!

See more on how I did the walls here.

My goal was to keep the whole project under $200 and to try and do all the work myself.

I did keep it under budget and I did about 80% of the work. Thank you to my father-in-law and most of all to my husband for lending a hand!

I also wanted this to be a place where our kids could play, so I changed the dog door into a small swinging door for them.

Look back on my faux stained brick floor tutorial here.

The window seat was the first building project I had ever taken on. My husband and oldest son left for the weekend so my 1 year old and I got to work.
The seat opens up and all our pool supplies and chemicals are stored in there.

Three sets of curtains, one window seat cover and two pillow covers were made out of a package of 2 drop clothes from Home Depot. Only $9.99 for 2! Can't beat that with a baseball bat!
The metal shelf is from Ikea. I love the industrial touch it brings to the room.

I really did have so much fun doing this project, even if it did go on and on... It is such a fun challenge to try and think of creative ways to do things as cheaply as possible. You never know what may happen!
I'm sure many of you wonder why there aren't pictures of the other wall. You see a bit of it in the very first picture with the hooks and stool, but otherwise it has a window with an a/c unit in it, sooo, not very pretty.

Hope your eyeballs didn't fall out with the overload of pictures. I got a little snap happy.
Let me know what ya think of the pool house!


Junk Evolution said...

Such a sweet retreat! I keep wishing I had a shed to use as a guest cottage.
Give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Incredible. That is one EXTREME makeover! :)

Deanne said...

I think this was the post that introduced me to your blog and inspired me when we built our pool cabana!

Just White said...

Me too! Thanks to this post long time ago I came across to you and your blog. Also thanks to this post I made my attic (with my husband) inspired by your pool house. No photos yet ;-(
Have a lovely day, eliana, xoxo