Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Gift For Me From The Vintage Bricoleur

I did something, never expecting payment. For real.

No really, I didn't!

It was something I enjoy doing. Sorta like therapy for me. Anyway, they "repaid" me and I just had to share a few of the things they gave me.

They made me this sweet vintage spoon necklace with my 3 boys names stamped on it.
I can't even say how special this is to me.

Our bedroom has been going through a very slow redo and this pillow was the perfect addition. Terry (one of The Vintage Bricoleur team) handmade this.
She made it personal by adding the initial of our last name and the year we were married.


If any of you happen to live in California then you have the chance to actually meet The Vintage Bricoleurs and maybe even purchase some of their amazing wares.
They travel all over California to sell at different shows with a host of many other amazing sellers.
(Check with their blog regularly to see where they will be next!) 
Plus they have booths in two stores in the Sacramento area.
Be sure to stop by their blog and show them some love.
You are welcome to drool over the stuff you see there as well.
Just know that I already did.



the vintage bricoleur said...

Thank you Jillian. You make us look so good. We appreciate it. Xx, Terry

Louisa Book Cottage said...

That necklace is so neat! Heidi and I love it! The pillow is a great addition to your bed too!