Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crowing About DecoArt

I'm a bad, bad blogger. But you all already knew that.

A "few" months back (okay it was a year)a dear lady from DecoArt contacted me about using some of their products.
No brainer there. I use a lot of their paint anyway and so I was excited to try out some more of their stuff.

I have a pile of these roosters crowing away in my garage. One brave guy was very willing to let me apply some Primer/Sealer to him. Then some Texture Crackle that aged him just a few years. He also decided to frost his feathers with just a bit of Glaze to give him a more less polished look. (you mix the glaze with your own colors for a custom tint)
He was pretty proud of his final look and ended up selling himself in my Etsy store. (His younger green brother can still be found here)
I have used the Texture Crackle in many different ways and I have a few more in mind... (when I get a moment to spare) It's perfect for making a new piece of wood look aged and weathered. It can also be used kind of like spackling.
For example, I had this pot thingy that I liked but the pattern was no longer something that fit into my decorating scheme.
I used the Texture Crackle to create a spackled look.
So all that to say... Thanks DecoArt! I'm having fun with your products!

(psssstt, want to hear a secret? Come back Monday for a giveaway from Shabby Apple!)

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Derek said...

Surprise appearance! Love you babe. This stuff looks great!