Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boys Room - Fishing Time!

I was recently talking to someone about doing a fishing style room for her teenage son. It got me thinking about different ideas that I would incorporate into a room of that style. So...
I would start with the first layer:
1. I came across this headboard photo and thought it would be the perfect piece to anchor the room.
2. There are many ideas for lights, but this one really caught my eye. With its rattan weave, it brings to mind the look of a wicker basket, brimming with lures and fishing string.
3. No room is complete without bedding, and a vintage looking ticking was the first place to start. I wish I had included the many pillow ideas I had too, but lets be realistic, if it is indeed a boys room, simple is best.
After setting the backdrop, it is time to work on the details and let you know what this room is really all about.
4. A vintage fishing net hangs casually.
5. Hurricane lanterns rest peacefully on the dresser.
6. This rustic coat rack will be perfect to hang your hat or fishing creel (photo 7) .
7. Vintage fishing creel
8. No fishing room is complete without an old fishing reel to add a simple but perfect detail to the room.

I would continue adding layers of details without cluttering up the clean  and simple appeal of the room.
A few signs, metal or wood, an old fishing pole or two, some weathered buoys and maybe an old tackle box to add a pop of color and corral all those small treasures.
Sometimes a visual, even if it's not the exact style, is helpful to get me started off on the right foot. The photo below is a great example.It has that lake house look that is a great backdrop for the room I was looking to create in my mind.

Thanks for riding along with me through my basket weave of ideas and inspirations!

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Cheryl said...

Love your ideas for your sons room and all the neat accessories you want to put in it.
That last pic of that lakehouse looking living room is Melanies from
I love her living room.

Prior said...

Love the fishing ideas, more authentic looking and not kitschy. and the lake house pic is awesome, too.

m e g a n said...

I'm in the process of creating a "fishing" room for my boys. I love your ideas!