Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Little Boy & Another Invite

Our Little Lee is a week and a half old already. It's amazing how quickly he has captured our hearts and made us forget that we ever wanted a little girl.

I could brag and post about him (and my other two) all day long but I'll try to spare you:-)

Let us move on...

For those of you who have yet to experience the coolness of The Foundary then I am giving you another invite.
I seriously LOVE this place! You never know what in the world they will have, and the prices are great!
Best of all, they send you an email each day so that it's super easy to see what they have going on and you never miss out on a sale.
Do I sound like an infomercial? Unlike an infomercial, there is no cost at all to sign up, but once you sign up you can earn money every time someone excepts your invite. (You knew there had to be another reason I keep offering you these invites;-)

Check out The Foundary!


m e g a n said...

he's adorable!!!


Courtney said...

Little Lee is so adorable!

Deanne said...

Gorgeous baby boy!
We had 5 boys before our girl magically appeared and it was amazing, that new precious life and you forget all those longings when you hold that precious gift in your arms, I don't think it matters what sex they are at the end of the day because each and every baby is such a miracle!

Kennedy Wife said...

He is adorable, Jill! Thank you for sharing more pictures!