Monday, April 25, 2011

The Building Of A Shark

There is a certain clothing company that hails from the land of prime ministers and "they're getting married this weekend!".
I love their kids clothes (and adults too), and when I saw this little t-shirt then I knew I must try and reproduce it for my boys since I could not justify spending the $$$ for it. They happen to love fish, sharks and the like and were ever so pleased that mommy was going to "make" them a shirt.
My Inspiration
I started by blowing up the image a little on and then tracing it off my computer onto normal paper (yes it took more than one piece of paper, I just pieced them together). Could I have printed it off? Yes No, because my printer quit on me and I need to buy a new one.
I then cut out the pieces, one by one...
I also got out my supplies. I was making two shirts so ignore the doubles.
I used my scraps of fabric and my HeatNBond to start my masterpiece. (just cut the fabric to the general size of each piece of the template and iron to the HeatNBond)
After it was all adhered then I used my templates to trace the shapes onto the HeatNBond paper and cut them out. Ending up with a bunch of these...
Next to start building. The biggest thing here is to lay it on there and make sure it all fits right.
With every piece you lay, make sure it will all fit together again, then iron on that piece.
Peel off your backing and lay it all on there again to check more time.
Almost there... you get the idea though. After it was all said and done ironed on, I took my handy dandy sewing machine and went around all the edges, changing out the thread for each color of fabric.

So at the end of the day your shark should look like, a shark, and your kids should look like this...
My other son was just as pleased but since he was asleep, I saw no reason to awaken a shark and try to take its picture without it biting me.

(by the way, the camo I used was just handkerchiefs/bandanna's I bought from Hobby Lobby)

For those that have asked... I have progressed to a very large size. This photo was taken about a week and a half ago. The good thing is that I only have a few short weeks left now!! I am ready to have this child that I am sure has 15 feet, all of them in the upper right corner of my stomach. Loving it. (for real, but also ready to meet the 15 feet:-)



Jane of All Trades said...

Too Cute! Loving your son's pleased faces. Heat n Bond is a most have in any crafty home! I've used it for several projects and love the way it works. Love the shirts!

Jane of All Trades said...

Excuse the type that is a "must have" instead of a most have. ;)

Lana M. said...

Cute shirts. What's really cute is your pregnant self. Your child will thank you that you took a pic of yourself so far along. My mom never took a pic of herself (or let anyone else) when she was prego with me and my brother.

Cheryl said...

cute shirt. Your son's grin on his face says it all.
You look great. Just a few more weeks left.

Louisa Book Cottage said...

WOW Jill!! Wow to the shirts and WOW to your tummy!! I can't wait to see it and you all in about a week!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I liked so much this little funny face of your son and it's so tender to see your photo as a mother-to-be! My best wishes for you all!