Friday, March 25, 2011

The Low Down On Painting Stripes

I live in Texas. I love living in Texas.

 For some reason they don't know how to have untextured walls here. Walls are textured. They just are. No questions asked.

So, have you painted stripes on textured walls? It can be a mess if you don't take one small extra step.
First of all I figured out the width I wanted to do my stripes. (Pretty simple with a little math...and a calculator)

Then I got a tape measure and starting measuring out my lines by making small marks on the wall with a pencil, then just taking my painters tape and running it from mark to mark. They aren't perfect but it sure beat the other option of taking a level and drawing lines allllll the way down each and every stripe.

Just make SURE you tape off the stripes you are going to paint!! What I mean is that when you tape off then you make sure your tape is on the outside of the stripes you are painting. So when you look at the stripes all taped up there then they will look uneven because you taped the outside of one and the inside of the next. I just made that waaay more confusing than it actually is.
After I applied my tape then I took some of the wall color paint and "sealed" the painters tape so that when I painted my stripe color then it would not leak through. This is the step that is SUPER helpful if you have textured walls. It really doesn't take long at all either.
If you are a perfectionist then this job may possibly drive you crazy, but for a gal like me that just likes to get it done....well it really wasn't too bad at all.
Go for it!
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EBaucom said...

Love the stripes! That is a great color, perfect for a nursery. Where did you find it?