Friday, January 7, 2011

Light My World!

Guess what's sitting in my garage?

If you guessed "a bunch of junk", then you are absolutely right. But we also have these.

New windows!! I can't wait to replace the old, drafty, non working, let in any burglar windows.

We even ordered an extra one for our living room. See that far corner where the table is? That is where the sunlight will be poring forth from someday soon.(it looks bright in this photo, but in real life it's very dark)

Needless to say, I'm excited!


Angela said...

Cool, I think more windows is always a good thing! Have you started imagining a project using the old windows yet?

Alison said...

I totally get how exciting new windows can be. We have about 30 old, 'let any burglar in' windows in our house and we can only replace a couple at a time. But what a difference it makes!


Melissa said...

How exciting! You will definitely love those news windows. You might even get excited to clean them once in a while now too! :) (I can say this because I have new windows, and they only get cleaned about twice a year or when I get tired of little finger smears.)Congrats on the new windows!

Stephenie from Decorating Addiction said...

I remember we got all new windows last year just before the holidays and I was soooo excited! It was like Christmas to me! Enjoy . . . and think of the endless possibilites for the old windows!

Melissah said...

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