Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Your Pretty (Easy) Decorating On For Thanksgiving

I for one am not hosting thanksgiving at my home. I actually never have. I have never cooked a turkey either. That's what moms are for.
If I could just decorate for thanksgiving, with none of the cleaning the house or making the food, well that would be perfect. So I've come up with the perfect solution... I'll decorate your house! Just kidding of course, but I will share some pictures I've found to get you started on some ideas if you seem to be lacking.

Let's start with some simple, yet striking table centerpieces to set the tone.

I have no words. You figure out how to do this one. I think you can.

Grab a pumpkin and a pack of mums. Heat up your glue gun and go to town. Make sure you don't do it too far in advance or you'll have a sad, wilting glob.

Those of you (us) that have fallen in love with white with just a splash of color... I found your table. I can't tell you how much I love this one, so you tell me instead.

Uh, any of you have any vintage blue jars sitting around? Tie up some bunches of wheat and set them in the jars. Add some more jars with tea lights to give your table a vintage look.

Moving on to some great (but yet again SIMPLE) ways to guide your family and friends to their places. Yes people will still stand around in an awkward way for a bit, but this will help in the end.

I love this one. Grab some tags from your local craft store, a ball of twine and you're almost done! All you need to do now is figure out if you're inviting his family or your family. Ahhh, just invite them both!

Pear + card = pretty

Now a pumpkin and a flag wouldn't be too hard.

But if it is, just forget the flag and write it straight on the pumpkin.


Need an easy way to tie up those cloth napkins. This one caught my eye since it's so easy your husband and kids could handle it no problem. Add in the fact that it's low cost and cute and you have the perfect napkin holder! (if you wouldn't mind just handing me a paper one though?)

I know that some of you are looking for a table cloth to finish it all off. You want one that is low cost, easy to clean, or even throw away if your nephew Albert decides to grind his cranberry sauce into it. You are also searching for something eye catching but not tacky. Ahhh, stop by your local Home Depot, Lowe's or Wal-Mart. Pick up a big ol' drop cloth that will adequately cover your table. Wash if you have the time, iron if you have the time and then get some leaves from your backyard. Brush some paint on (may need to blot some off before you actually stamp) and go to town with your own design. You can also try it out on some premaid cloth napkins.

I am really not into most fall wreaths and I'll tell you why. Most of them look like someone scooped up the contents of their yard and glued it to the door. Or they look, fake, fake, fake.
I happened to like this one though and thought that even the "wreath maker challenged" could stuff some flowers into a cone and make it look presentable. Try it out and let me know!

Let your kids give you a hand with making a sign to greet your guests. My kids are still a little young to do this, since I want my guests to know we speak english and not in scribble.


So that's all I got folks! Remember though, it's not in the decorating that you do, it's not even in the family that you invite, but it's in Serving The Lord each and every day of your life and always giving thanks!



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Amen to serving the Lord and giving thanks!

But had to laugh-- at your thoughts on the fall wreath...

scooped up contents and glued to the door...ha ha ha!
hilarious--but so true!
loved it

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful group of ideas. I am cooking my first "bird" this year. This should be interesting. I hope you have a nice thanksgiving. said...

Hey Jillian! Im your newest follower and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog! Everything is BEAUTIFUL! I have an interior design biz and blog, im doing 14 days of xmas trees and would BEYOND ADORE you to visit! I have a Giveaway to



Helen said...

Sigh! I love wreathes, but when I tried on a few years back, my girls actually thought it was a joke... I am that challenged. I will leave the creative stuff for them and enjoy seeing other's creations. Love the ideas.