Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Can Do It Cheaper - Nothing Is Cheaper Than Free!

The Virginia House

I got to tell you, I almost passed these little pups up. My husband, Derek thought that it was a walker and I thought it was one of those handicap seats you use in the bathtub. Yeah, they looked that ugly.
See for yourself.

Hooooweee, check out them Dr. Scholls Hospital Sneakers on them thangs! Took those little boogers off first thing.

Soooo... there they sat on the curb, just waiting for some sucker to pick them up. Eeee, I need to mention that this was my next door neighbors curb, so I had to sneak down there under the cloak of night, grab all three and hoof it back to my house before anyone saw me. There is just something a little humbling about stealing another mans trash.

But then again, what they say is true! "One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure!"
And, here we go...

Yes, there are 3 of them, but I painted the other one black, so it doesn't match these two.

I once again used my favorite stuff, Citristrip to take most of the paint right off.(still not quite done. I plan on taking a little more paint off)

I sanded down the tops, beat them up (remind me not to do this in front of my kids again! I've got dents in all my furniture now!), stained them and painted the numbers on them.

These little ladies will be going with me to Antique Alley to meet their new owners (I hope).
So, total cost? Yuh,FREE! Taint nuth'n better I say.

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Stephanie - My Frugal Lifestyle said...

Woo Hoo! I'm the first linker upperer {is that even a word?} I've never been a first! I don't know why I'm so excited about's like midnight and I should have my butt in bed, but instead I'm linking up :)

Thanks for hosting! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Iris said...

Oh, I can't believe that I once had one of these little suckers and threw it out! It had been left behind by a previous tennant of the house that we rented. O.K., I need to go kick myself now!

michelle said...

Those turned out great!! I love the numbers on them.

Pressed Petals said...

i would love to find some freebies like those! you did a fabulous job!

KrisKay said...

I LOVE those!!! Thanks for sharing... also thanks for the visual of you sneaking out at night to swoop those suckers up! :)

- Brittany said...

You are too funny. My thought exactly about sneaking in the cover of darkness when it is in my neighborhood.

I just distressed a coffee table last week and realized that anyone on my street would witness me throwing a chain and not be able to see that I was beating a coffee table because our driveway slopes down from the street. Hopefully no one thought I was beating my kids.


Lori@Paisley Passions said...

Thanks for hosting! I am hosting a Thursday Linky Party too! Feel free to drop by and link up :)
Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions

PS- LOVE those stools!!!

the thrifty ba said...

IN LOVE with your stools!

Ellen said...

Love the stools you grabbed from the trash...I have done some trash relocation myself!

Lori@Paisley Passions said...

Thanks for your link up to my Thrilling Thursday party. i am still in LOVE with your stools. They are gorgeous :) Hope you can stop by again next week.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Total cuteness!
And big congrats on your big win over at Mary's, too! :-)


The Little Red Shop said...

Sweet goodness! You have to love free junk...and you made them so cute!!! Congratulations on winning Mary's give-away! I stopped by your lovely blog via Urban Farmhouse.

Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Patti said...

I love taking trash!
I had a little trouble linking up, so I am in your partay twice. So sorry!

paige said...

no way! talk about seeing the diamond in the rough, those are soooooo fun!!!!!
great blog jillian~ i swung over from mary's
now off to checkout some of the girls who linked up, too fun :)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I just found your blog via the Urban Farm Girl blog - love it!!! Love what you did with the stools and I can't wait to see what else you do! I'm new to blogging, when you have a moment stop by and "Follow" and let me know what you think! I enjoyed my visit today!

Kristi said...

Found you through Finding Fabulous. I'm a new follower and I just have to say that I'm in love with your style!

Thanks for hosting!!

Annastacia said...

I adore these, they turned out so cute! I am totally wanting some now!

Rachelle Leanne said...

no way!!! I have been looking on craigslist for stools exactly like this to do the exact same project!!! You won't sell them to an outa stater will ya?? :) I love them!!