Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still Kick'n

How much do you hate doing garage sales! Not shopping them, actually hosting one of the lovely little things yourself.
Sooo, that's where I've been the last few days. I'm glad to have a semi-empty spot in my garage and a few bucks in pocket but.... shew! I gotta tell ya that I don't look forward to doing that again for a loooooong time.

So anyway, to sum it all up, that's where I disappeared to and am now back and ready to get to work on my pool house again. I'm also going to be helping out a friend with a bathroom remodel, so stay tuned for that update as well. When I was looking at Houzz for some ideas then I came across some great bathrooms. I'll share a few of my favorites later on.

Thanks for all the comments and you brave of heart that decided to follow along!!!


Laura PARING DOWN said...

We had a community garage sale on Saturday, and I managed not to participate or even shop. I conducted review sessions for my two AP classes all day instead.

Sounds fun, right?

Can't wait to check out those bathroom ideas!!!

:) Laura

Anonymous said...

Follow from Friday Follow;
Would love to get follow back at;
Thanks for sharing,

Blair Roy said...

I LOVE having Garage Sales, but I don't care for digging out all the junk :P Tomorrow I'm going over to Kathy's to help her price some garage sale stuff.