Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't You Hate It When This Happens!

So I'm writing this from my husbands phone. Yeah I'm that person. The one that had a computer to blog from until one of my little loves tripped on the cord... the rest is, as we say, history. So until our new cord comes winging itself from the loving arms of Ebay and lands on my front stoop, then I will be MIA. As much as I love you dears, I can only squint at this itty-bitty little keyboard for so long.

"Farewell" until my cord arrives or until I have a few hours to tap out a post from my little phone buddy thing.
(yes I messed up my signature as well and dont have all the right "things" to fix it on here. Bother!)


The Misty Journey said...

You could go to your lovely friends house for blogging... :) Until we see you again, get into that project. LOL!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

We will wait patiently :)

Jackie said...

Happy Gramma (your sweet mom)told me to come and check out your blog.
Here I am!!
Great makeovers!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh no! The same thing just happened to my husband, the cord got caught on the door! Since I needed his laptop for a presentation this weekend, $100 later, we are the proud owners of a new universal cord from Best Buy! Woo. Hoo. ;)