Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Making of the Baby Mobile

I love cute crib mobiles and so far I have not had one for either of my kids. I think the time has come for a change. Though I have no "babies" at this moment, I think my 1 year old would still like it, and I know that I would!

So after searching for a cute "DIY Mobile" then I actually stumbled across this one on made 2 cREate.
She made the most addorable mobile for only about $4! Now that is my kind of deal.

Go see what I'm talking about here, and as always, tell me what you think!


Kara Paslay said...

Hey Jillian!!! Thanks for posting my project!!! And I think you should totally tackle it for yourself! You will do great and I know your children will LOVE it!!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

What a great project! The results are gorgeous and you can't beat the cost.

Cottage Dreamers said...

I'm so glad you shared this with us! It's so cute! I've never made a mobile for any of my (5) kids and now I want to make one for myself!!! Celeste

Screaming Meme said...

I love this idea...I wonder if my teenagers would let me hang it over their bed? lol I miss those sweet days...:)

beachy keen girl said...

i love this...what a great idea :) thanks for sharing!!

Caitlin said...

So cute! I love it!i just might have to incorporate this when I have kids (many years from now!)

Great blog!