Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Boys Room

My husband was a Tasmanian devil on Saturday and got all kinds of things done. Want a sneak peak? Well I don't have one, but I do have some before pictures to give you an idea of the room we are redoing for our oldest son. The challenge in this room is that one day my youngest son will also share this room, so I want to keep it a little more timeless. I want it to be age appropriate for both boys for some time since I have neither the desire, nor the resources to redo it again anytime soon.

Here are some of the changes I plan on making. Board and batten on the walls with some new paint colors to brighten up their lives. Add some fabric on the curtains to lengthen them and finish making pillow shams for the bed. The ones I have are just draped on the pillows. Find another cowboy picture to finish out the frame I have on the wall. A few other things as well, but I'll surprise you with the rest. You can see some of the paint sample colors I am thinking of in the last photo.

I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, so leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Are those blues stuck behind the star the direction you are going? How about a soft lighter blue, then roll a real subtle blue glaze over it and pull both ways with a wall brush - easy denim finish? Its easy enough to do yourself, and it dressses walls up 'just enough'.... and could pull it off for young and older..

Cheryl said...

Hi there! Popped over from vintagesimple.

I love the previous posters idea of denim finish. Would be a nice wall treatment. How do the boys feel about the board and batten treatment? the cowboy theme sounds good, but do up a sophisticated cowboy theme. LOL, is there such a thing? in other words, don't go overboard with accesories. Sprinkle enough around that give the idea of the theme of the room. Too many may make it kitchy and not timeless like you are going for.