Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A Clean Slate

Thankfully Gods mercies are new every morning, so every day is a clean slate, but I always like the idea of starting over fresh each year. I was actually just over at and they had a great post on new years "resolutions". By the way, if you haven't checked out their blog then please do so. They are from my hometown of Richmond, VA and it's so great to read stuff about local places that I used to know. Great place!
Anyway, I started thinking about my plans for the year. Sheew, I kinda got a little worn out, but the good thing is that I LOVE being busy around the house. I love having projects and things to do. So a few of my "home based" projects are these..
1. Finish the boys bathroom (this is more like a January goal)
2. Repaint our bedroom and get some new pillows for the bed
3. Put some bead board up on one wall in our bathroom
4. Get shelves and all that good stuff for our "built-in" in our family room
5. Clean up the shed in the backyard to make into a pool house (have some ideas for this so stay tuned...)
6. Paint my kitchen cabinets with paint from Caromal Colours!!! This I will blog about in much detail since I know many are interested in the outcome.
7. Repaint and put board and batten in boys room. Yikes, poor little boy gets so excited when I pound a nail into the wall to hang a hat on. I think he'll love what I plan on doing to his room!
8. Relax, enjoy our backyard and my kids and husband!


Anonymous said...

Having created that list of to-do's gets you one step closer to accomplishing them! It's when you start creating multiple lists - then the panic sets in! Will watch for your progress on Caromal'ing your cabinets - what color are you planning?

Jillian said...

Thanks for the comment Patty. I actually got the idea from your blog!! Thank you for all the great info you have there. I believe that I am going to try the "Cobblestone" color. I have been working up my nerve to do it, now just need to purchase! (yes I plan on using your code as well)
Thank you so much!