Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Painting My Cabinets With Caromal Colours- My Thoughts And How I Did It

First I got to say, this stuff is amazing! Even my four year old thought so cause this was him trying to open the box.

When I first started using it then I was a little unsure of how it was going to work, but after watching this video that Patty (from Fabulous Finishes did then I was a lot more confident. Her tip on using water to keep things smooth was perfect too.

My cabinets are store bought, slick as uuuuhhh can be and I still didn't have to sand one bit! I did clean them with a little Simple Green before I got started.

Then I was off to the races! I couldn't wait to start on this project!

I completed almost two coats of paint on all my lower cabinets in one evening and only used half a jar. (and a little heads up, this was while I was taking care of my two kids and while 5 months pregnant, that's how easy this stuff is to use.)
Just to be clear to those who have yet to use this product, this stuff is totally different than any paint you've ever used. It's like really, really thick pudding.

Then we got to the top cabinets.... This took a looottt longer since I was painting a stark white over slicker than laminate cabinets. I got impatient. I got bored. I got sick and tired of looking at this...

But less than a week after starting, I was done painting. I did a very simple sanding with my little palm sander, just to smooth things out a little. I would suggest making your painting area look something like this while you do that sanding...

It was very dusty. Very. I did very slightly distress the doors and edges of the cabinets as well.

My last step was to put a few coats of wipe on poly on them. I wouldn't normally suggest putting this on stark white cabinets, but I didn't actually want them stark white (my mistake), so I'm ok with some slight yellowing.

Oh by the way, the colors I chose from their line were Wisteria for the white (it's very white) and Cobblestone for the green. The green has gray undertones. I really like the color!

I'm really happy with how my cabinets turned out even though it was very tedious and long, as cabinet painting tends to be. I love using these products on smaller projects though. I would say that if you are wanting a smooth, no texture or brush marks, flawless kind of paint job, then these are not the paints for you. If you are wanting some , no sanding, stick to anything, gives a great "aged" look amazing paint, then try these pups out!
I also highly reccomend the chipping cream to anyone that likes to distress and age stuff. I'll post some more projects that I've used it on soon.
You can visit Caromal Colours here, but if you decide to order then make sure you stop by Fabulous Finishes and use Patty's code to save a little.

FYI, I have not been paid to review or use this product. I'm just a really nerdy, excited-not-to-sand paint lover.


A Vintage Vine said...

Love it! Great colors! You did a great job!

Cheryl said...

loving that grey on the lower cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets look great!
So, caromel colors is VOC safe then?

Unknown said...

This is a new product for me, but I'm going to check it out. I just finished painting my cabinets as well...black and white. Yours look great!

Anonymous said...

Really awesome job on the cabinets. I'm definitely going to be researching the paint you bought. I'm not looking forward to doing mine and yet can't wait! Love the colors also!

The Single Nester said...

Great job! I love the white and that green is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just can't get over you Jill - you are pregnant? God truly made women a unique species - capable of doing all, often at the same time, and pulling it off!!

(Your little boy climbing on the box is adorable)

So you never ended up using the glaze over top? I loved your comment when talking about the application of the white - everything is fun for awhile, but after awhile it becomes a drag :) For some reason the Wisteria and Parchment, over stained wood, take more effort in coverage than the color colors.

Your photos are perfect for showing the process - thanks for mentioning me, I really appreciate that! Patty

Annelie said...

Fun looking att before and after.


Sandy said...

The colors are just wonderful together...
I love to see a make over and the paint you used is new to me.. I need to read more about them...
Nice Job!

jengirl75 said...

My sister in law sells this paint in her store. I bought some and used it on my vanity cabinets. Mine has the rustic look. I did use wax on mine and it worked really well. That paint is so think though. WOW! I do like the color they have they are beautiful. I do like your colors you did.

Cindy Loven said...

seeing your kitchen reminded me of something...when I went back one post on your blog, I noticed you have a stainless steel fridge and the black dishwasher and it reminded me of this product I saw on HGTV...here is a little video showing them using it...

Cindy Loven said...

I found the product...it is sold here...probably other places too..but it is 30.00 for a dishwasher sized sheet...not bad to transform a dishwasher..


Mac said...

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Milliscent Morgan said...

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nutrendmedia said...

Really awesome job on the cabinets. Nice choose of color..good job.

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Unknown said...

You did a great job on your cabinets, Jillian! Usually, it is safe to choose neutral colors for the cabinets. But this one’s really amazing! The shade of green you chose created a cool atmosphere in the kitchen. And it matched the color of your countertop.

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Gexton said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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